No complaints, no excuses, no regrets
Marlene Chism, MA, is an author, speaker and founder of Marlene works with individuals and organizations that want to build a life and a business with "No Complaints, No Excuses, and No Regrets." 
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What You Get: (A Total Package Value of over $500)

You Will Learn
  • How to spot the red flags of emerging patterns of resistance
  • How to eliminate the four energy patterns that keep you stuck
  • How to use the "Emotional Energy Scale" to elevate your mood and increase productivity
  • How to live from the three enlightened energy states and what is appropriate for each level
  • How to apply the "fulcrum point of change" to increase sales and better your relationships
  • Listening skills to tap into your customer's mind-set or to facilitate change with your staff
  • How to apply the fulcrum point of change in your significant personal relationships 
  • An exercise to help  you remove blocks that may be keeping you from moving forward

Questions Answered in the Q and A Call
Listen to the Q and A call and receive REAL tools to take complete charge of any area of drama. Here are some of the questions that are answered on the call. Do you relate to any of them? If your question is not answered on the call, you can use your private one-on-one coaching session to answer your specific questions.

  • How do I know when saying "no" is resistance or just a good boundary?
  • The Queen Bee is the trouble maker. What should we do?
  • My daughter resists me teaching her how to ride her bike. How can I influence her?
  • How should I make an elderly relative understand I can't be available around the clock?
  • I see resistance all around me but I don't have any. Is that normal? What am I missing?
  • I am resentful toward my spouse and don't know how to release my resistance.
  • I am very judgemental toward myself and I continue to sabotage my success. Help!
I'm Stuck and Don't Know What to Do!
See if you recognize any of the signs: Your situation doesn't change no matter what you try. Your employees are bickering and backstabbing. Sales are down and you are spiraling down losing confidence. There's a silent treatment going on between you and your spouse. You keep obsessing about your finances, your health, or the security of your job. You avoid or procrastinate because you feel overwhelmed. You don't trust yourself and you feel irritated, edgy and angry.
Marlene's insight, guidance and ideas have made a difference in my life and business. Dealing with my family differences was becoming a losing battle of energy and health. Learning from Marlene the reasons, tools and strategies to make the changes needed has given a dying relationship new life.

In addition, I have used some of these skills in my practice. I work with client's financial situation which is a very personal issue and money and family doesn't always work together. I now know why things happen and how to deal with them or correct the action before the mistake occurs.
Jennifer H
Financial Advisor


Place:    The convenience of your office or home
Time:     Lessons delivered every two weeks
Total Fee:  $294
Your programs are delivered via e-mail to you every two weeks. You will simply click on a link, to open a web page. You can listen right from the web page, or if you prefer, you can download the audio and learning guide and listen later at your own convenience.

Easy Two Payment Installment Plan | Two payments of $147

BONUS PACKAGE a $50 value
Bonus: Reclaim Your Peace and Prosperity Audio and Learning guide
Learn about the three components always present in drama, how to identify drama, how drama manifests, ways we get distracted without knowing it, the role of relationship and energy in drama.
I knew I needed guidance but I am not what you call full of drama (or I did not think so).  I never thought in my wildest imagination I would get so much out of a course built around stopping drama! I was able to get clear on where I wanted to take my business and I found clarity in a personal issue that I thought would never be fixed. Not only did I receive these things but I now see what is happening and can see how things connect and why we choose what we choose. My life is now truly my life. Marlene pointed out very significant ideas and facts to make a huge impact on my life for the positive.
I am saying thank you Marlene!
Laura H.

Who Should Attend this Two Month Coaching and Training?  

  • You are leading change in your company during difficult times
  • You are successful but want to maximize your energy
  • You are ready to reinvent your business
  • You want new methods to increase sales
  • You enjoy learning cutting edge information
  • You are comfortable exploring new methodologies
  • You are willing to be open about what is (or has) kept you stuck
  • You sometimes struggle with low energy and feel "tapped out"
  • You are in the midst of a "power struggle" at home or at work
  • You want to boost your confidence and self-esteem
  • You want your relationships and communication to improve
  • You want new methods to influence your teen or toddler
  • Ready for a challenge and a change
  • You want to know how to identify and elminate employee resistance

The regular coaching starts at $250 for a one time session. Now you can get a coaching session plus the release resistance training plus two months of e-mail support when you join the limited term coaching and training program, Release Resistance.
Let Me Introduce Myself
My name is Marlene Chism and for the last decade, I have been consumed with learning everything I could about personal growth, how the brain works, the connection between mind, body and spirit and why it is so difficult to break through old patterns of behavior. I always look for new research and I have completed a master's degree in the study of development and why Drama in the Workplace Hampers Productivity.

My gift is to make very complex topics easy to understand and to bridge the gap between the practical and the more "meta-physical" or energetic concepts to make them applicable to both your business life and to your personal life.

There is a Specific Mind-Set that MUST be Activated for Change to Occur
Whether you are a leader trying to influence your staff, or a sales professional offering new services to your client, you must know how to deal with a resistant attitude. There is one mind-set that must be activated before change can take place. If  you've ever been stuck when dealing with conflict, trying to make a sale, or dealing with a personal issue, you will come into awareness once you understand the "energy" and emotional pattern that makes change possible.

This  Consciousness / Mind-set  is called, "The Fulcrum Point of Change." 
There is a specific "sweet spot" right before change happens. I'll tell you why without this one element nothing will change no matter what plans you make or actions you take. Using documented scientific research you will gain the knowledge and tools to master your energy, reduce stress and increase your personal effectiveness and improve your overall health. BTW: This skill will also help you spot the objection and address any resistance in your sales process or in leading your team. In addition I will give you a visual model you can use to refer to again and again until you LIVE this knowledge by habit.

A total value of over $500
Automated delivery means you study when you feel  like it!
Easy payment plan of two payments of $147 each.

Bonus MP3 Reclaim Your Peace and Prosperity
E-mail coaching access during your two months of training
Includes a private one-on-one coaching with Marlene Chism after you complete your training.

Bonus Reclaim Your Peace and Prosperity
Learn about the three components always present in drama and how to reclaim your peace.

Lesson I
  • Resistance defined
  • Identifying the emotional and mental elements
  • Results of resistance
  • The energy scale
  • Mistakes to avoid
  • Why the solution is always secondary
  • Words to listen for
  • why you are stuck and in a power struggle
  • When resistance is more likely
Lesson II
  • The fulcrum point of change
  • The four negative energy patterns
  • Your resistance versus theirs

Lesson III
  • Listening Skills
  • 4 Communication Techniques

Q and A Lesson IV
Listen to some of the more common questions asked by participants who have previously taken the Release Resistance training.

Plus a private one-on-one coaching after you finish the program.
Why Stubborn Resolve is Not The Answer
Forcing only creates more resistance. Haven't you noticed this when you see someone else in a state of resistance, you can offer a solution but they just dig their heels in even more? Whether it's to your teenager, your employee, or your best friend who keeps having relationship problems, the answer is always easy to see for someone else. Yet your advice or wisdom is it is rarely ever accepted or appreciated. The fact is, initially it's never about the solution.

It is about getting to the Fulcrum Point of Change, a state of consciousness that when achieved, opens the door for change to happen.
Convenience, Simplicity, and Structure
After testing the pilot program in April of 2010, we discovered that the lessons should be delivered in bite sized and easy to digest chunks. That is why the programs are delived every other week, other than the bonus and the first lesson which you get on day 1 and day 2.  All you need to do is schedule the time on your calendar to listen to the program and then schedule another 30 minutes during the week to do the easy and practical lessons on  your learning guide. 

Each week you also get e-mail reminders, encouragement and an opportunity to ask questions and get live e-mail coaching. All programs are pre-packaged and delivered to you so you can listen in at your convenience. No more obstacles keeping you from learning!  Even if you get worries! You get to download the recordings, and because they are only an hour, it is very content rich but very condensed.

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Listen to a 48 second testimonial from Kim Hartmayer, a participant on the previous Release Resistance Training. Kim had two significant breakthrough's and she tells you about them here!
Two Easy Payments of $147 | and a free coaching session after you complete the program